Best Toothpaste for Gum Recession

Finding the Best Toothpaste for Gum Recession: Protect and Strengthen

Gum recession affects millions of people worldwide. As gums pull away from teeth, sensitive root surfaces become exposed. This leads to tooth sensitivity, increased risk of decay, and aesthetic concerns. While gum recession has many potential causes, maintaining excellent oral hygiene helps prevent further deterioration. Best toothpaste for gum recession:Using a specially formulated toothpaste provides an easy solution to protect receding gumlines and strengthen teeth.

Understanding Gum Recession

Best toothpaste for gum recession:Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue surrounding teeth wears away or pulls back, exposing more tooth surface. This exposes the roots, which lack protective enamel coating. Many factors contribute to gingival recession, including overly aggressive brushing, poor oral hygiene, teeth grinding, genetics, and gum disease.

As gums recede, sensitive root areas become susceptible to temperature extremes, sugar, and acids found in foods. This causes intensely painful zingers and persistent tooth discomfort. Exposed roots also raise the risk of decay, staining, and abrasion as the cementum layer erodes. Severe cases make teeth appear abnormally long with dark root sections visible.

While gum surgery can cover some exposed root surfaces, many look to therapeutic toothpastes first. Specialized formulas strengthen enamel, desensitize nerves, and provide a protective layer over roots. Using the right toothpaste presents an easy way to manage gum recession at home.

best toothpaste for gum recession

Benefits of Toothpastes for Receding Gums

Toothpastes formulated for gum recession provide several benefits over traditional pastes. Look for formulas containing ingredients clinically proven to desensitize and remineralize areas of gum loss while simultaneously protecting and strengthening remaining enamel.

Desensitizing compounds block pain sensations by depolarizing exposed dental nerves. This prevents hot, cold, sweet or acidic trigger foods from causing electrical zingers in teeth. Some toothpastes use potassium nitrate while others rely on arginine or strontium compounds.

Remineralizing agents help strengthen the soft, porous cementum layer over exposed roots. Ingredients like fluoride, calcium phosphates, and hydroxyapatite deposit minerals to harden tooth structure. This protects roots from decay, staining, and wearing away.

Toothpastes containing anti-bacterial agents like stannous fluoride, triclosan or cetylpyridinium chloride inhibit plaque and tartar buildup. Since gum recession often stems from periodontal disease, these formulas help reduce further gum deterioration.

Other beneficial ingredients in gum protection toothpastes include anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants, vitamins, and oils. These help promote gingival healing and reattachment while soothing inflamed gum tissues.

Best Toothpastes for Sensitive, Receding Gums

Sensodyne Repair and Protect with Novamin stands out as a top choice for gum recession and tooth sensitivity. This desensitizing formula relies on two active ingredients to shield and rebuild exposed root areas.

The potassium nitrate blocks pain signals and nerves from firing when eating or drinking trigger foods and beverages. At the same time, the bioactive NovaMin calcium phosphate builds a micro-layer over dentin and cementum to repair, harden and protect surfaces.

Sensodyne also offers Gum & Sensitivity toothpaste with stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride. The stannous fluoride possesses antimicrobial properties to inhibit plaque while the sodium fluoride remineralizes and hardens tooth structure. Results appear in as little as two weeks.

For a more natural option, Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque & Whitening toothpaste earns high marks. This specialty formula contains arginine bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, and vitamin E. These work together to desensitize teeth and remineralize exposed root areas while promoting gum healing.

Many also swear by Squigle Enamel Saver toothpaste featuring hydroxyapatite. A form of calcium phosphate mimicking natural tooth enamel, hydroxyapatite strengthens acid-weakened enamel and root surfaces. It can even rebuild microscopic areas of enamel erosion over time.

best toothpaste for gum recession

Whitening and Cosmetic Benefits

Individuals dealing with gum recession often feel self-conscious about exposed tooth roots or staining. Look for gum protection toothpastes that provide gentle whitening and cosmetic benefits as well.

Formulas containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide lift staining from both enamel and cementum surfaces. Whitening toothpastes with aluminum oxide or silica gently buff away discolorations during brushing. Those with ingredients like blue covarine also counteract yellow or brown tinging on roots.

However, avoid overly abrasive whitening pastes advertised for smokers or tough stain removal. These often use harsh polishing agents that can further abrade and damage the soft, vulnerable root areas of receded gums.

For an all-in-one solution, Colgate’s Renewal Gum Rejuvenation toothpaste checks all the boxes. This formula features amino acids to repair gum tissue attachment while minerals and proteins rebuild weakened root cementum. Optical brighteners and mild polishing agents improve root appearance. Many experience whiter teeth and pinker gumlines in just weeks.

best toothpaste for gum recession

Best Brushing Practices

For maximum protection, be sure to brush twice daily for two minutes using a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-aggressive technique. Apply only a pea-sized amount of gum toothpaste and distribute evenly around teeth and gumlines.

Brush in gentle, circular motions or small horizontal strokes. Use the shaggy bristles to clean exposed root surfaces with minimum pressure and abrasion. Take care around gum margins or areas of recession to avoid further abrasion or irritation.

Vigilant daily use of an appropriate gum protection toothpaste creates an effective barrier against sensitivity, cavities and root erosion. Brushing also helps dislodge plaque and debris that accumulates more easily around areas of gum loss.

Many experts advise an additional application of toothpaste before bed. Simply massage a thin layer over exposed root areas and let absorption take place overnight without rinsing after brushing. This provides maximum remineralization and desensitization while you sleep.

best toothpaste for gum recession

Comprehensive Oral Care

While specialty toothpastes offer many benefits, they comprise just one component of home care for receding gums. A complete oral hygiene regimen utilizes multiple complementary modalities for the best results.

Use a soft-bristled brush or electric toothbrush with a gentle, oscillating action. Hard scrubbing damages tooth roots further. Supplement with floss, proxy brushes or interdental cleaners to remove plaque between teeth and along gumlines. Daily massaging gums with fingertips encourages circulation for healing and reattachment.

Rinse with an anti-microbial or fluoride mouthwash to kill bacteria and remineralize tooth structure. Adding warm salt water rinses soothes inflamed, irritated gum tissues.

Be sure to maintain professional dental cleanings and exams every 6 months. These appointments address hardened plaque and tartar buildup that cause gum recession and periodontitis. Dentists also monitor for developing decay and evaluate the need for further treatment.

Consistent use of a specialized gum protection toothpaste formulated to strengthen and shield exposed root areas provides an affordable, effective addition to any oral care routine. In combination with other home hygiene practices, quality pastes designed for gum recession promote oral health while preventing further deterioration.

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